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DoubleTwist Music Player is a music player for Android that gives you a simple, accessible way to listen to the songs that you have stored on your Android device.

The application lets you choose if you want to organize your music by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist. And all of your files are displayed in a really attractive interface, since DoubleTwist Music Player will download high definition versions of all of the album covers that you need.

You can use DoubleTwist Music Player to listen to more than just the music stored on your device - you can also access 'magic radio'. This radio will play new music, helping you discover new groups and artists.

Like with all music players for Android, you can listen to your music in the background while you use any other app.

DoubleTwist Music Player is a powerful, attractive music tool that gives you the ability to listen to all of your music from the same app.
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